Review policy

When planning what to do with this blog, I figured I’d need a review policy. Until this day I had always rated the books I read based only on my emotional response (which doesn’t mean I can’t be critic).

So, there will be four categories:

  1. Writing
  2. Characters
  3. Plot development
  4. Enjoyability (aka random bonus points based on the level of fangilrling the book makes me experience)

I’ll give to each of them a grade from 1 to 5:

  1. Hated it
  2. Disliked it
  3. Liked it
  4. Really liked it
  5. Loved it

Then I’ll sum the numbers and divide the result for four and voila, we have a rating (which I will call the Fox Scale).

This is what a Level 5 Fox Scale looks like


All the opinions are my own, of course, based solely on my very subjective point of view, and I will never be intentionally harmful or disrespectful to an author or a fan of something I didn’t like.