Painting with the Fox #11 and a little chat about accepting your own (and by “your” I mean “my”) art style

It’s been a while here. It’s not that I haven’t been painting (I’m actually painting more than I was expecting), but I’m not exactly at home (remember the traveling plans?), which means I no longer have access to all those fancy scanning machines and nice computer programs to put my new paintings online.

But I’ll do my best to not abandon this little section of the blog, so here it is one of my last paintings (I went to one of those copying places to have this one scanned).

Quest to the Winter Berries

I call it “Quest to the Queendom of the Wild Winter Berries”. I enjoy long titles and regret nothing.

I am trying to draw humans now. I had a serious problem doing it before because I just couldn’t draw them realistically. I mean, I could try, but I didn’t like the result. It didn’t feel right. So one day it dawned on me: since when I do “realistic”? None of my artwork ever came close to being realistic, so why should my humans be? Why should my humans be like everyone else’s humans?

When I stopped pushing myself to do “proper” humans, I suddenly felt more comfortable about the ones I could do. I mean, they’re not the greatest thing ever, but that’s because I refused to practice drawing them in the first place. I’m confident I can reach that place where I’ll be totally satisfied with how my humans look.

In conclusion: I have to stop thinking I should do art like other artists. I have to do me. And “me” doesn’t do realism. It’s not how I best express myself. It is simply not my thing.

foxhead   Greetings from the Fox ∞


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