I saw the Moon Rabbit

There was I, terribly bored inside a plane, desperately trying to sleep at least one of my ten hours flight, when I saw the moon in the sky. It was big, round and bright and in it I also saw something I’d heard about just a few days previously: the markings were shaped like a rabbit.

moon rabbit

I don’t see the rabbit as in the picture C though

There’s a fact about me not many people are aware of since I’m not vocal about it, but I have kind of a weird obsession with rabbits. It’s weird because I don’t particularly like them. I mean, they’re cute, but I don’t love them as I love horses, nor they appeal to me as  my foxy foxes. However, I always find myself lingering around rabbits: stuffed animals when I was little, drawings now, and even random apparitions of rabbits. I just can’t help noticing them.

Anyway, back to the moon, the rabbit shaped markings inspired quite a few legends and miths, from chinese, japanese, korean (and other asian peoples) to native americans. I’m not going to tell any of them since it wouldn’t be fair to choose, and that’s what out dear Google is for anyway.

What is the point of this post then? Well… does one really need a point to talk about rabbits and the moon and rabbits in the moon?

foxhead   Greetings from the Fox ∞


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