Where are the reviews?

There are a couple or more answers to that.

First, as I stated in my introduction post, I didn’t know what I wanted this blog to be about. I said it would probably be mostly about books, but things really changed, as it often happens in life, and it’s possible my priorities will lead me to talk about (or show) my painting adventures rather than about books (and it’s even more possible thing will change even more in a couple of months).

But that doesn’t mean I stopped reading (not at all). And this brings us to the second reason: what I am reading. The last book of the How to Train Your Dragon series has recently come out in my country, so I decided to reread all of the previous ones to get in the mood (or just because they’re wonderful, really). Why is it a problem? This isn’t the first time I’m reading the series. It’s not even the second. It means I already know the story as a whole and since the books are very short I’m afraid I might say something spoilery during a review of one of the books at the beginning. Maybe it is just me being lazy and making up excuses, but that’s how it is.

Then, there is the main factor, the reason why I find it really difficult to review those books: I love the How to Train Your Dragon series way too much to have a solid and well thought, well-rounded opinion about it. Nothing remotely coherent could ever come out of me when talking about Hiccup and Toothless and Camicazi and Stoick the Vast and I don’t want a review of one of my favorite series ever to be just a confusing ramble about how great it is. (It might sound weird, but I find it much easier to criticize something I don’t like than talking about something I do like, so if I avoid talking about something is probably because I love it too much.)


That’s how I feel too, series. (Drawing from one of the books I took from http://howtotrainyourdragonbooks.tumblr.com)


foxhead   Greetings from the Fox ∞


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